Welcome to Bighorn...

Through my teaching I've been asked so many sax-related questions that I set about putting this website together. Hopefully you'll find this a reasonably comprehensive guide to all things sax (with a little general music theory thrown in).

If you're local enough to Alsager, Crewe, Cheshire, you may hopefully come to me for lessons...saxophone or piano...




You think Lisa Simpson's really cool?

You can't stop whistling the Pink Panther theme?

And you've always fancied learning to play the sax...


The saxophone is such a unique instrument. Its emotive sound and iconic shape conjure up so many different thoughts and images in different people — from the bright sound of the soprano and alto to the darker, more mellow sounds of the tenor and baritone — and everyone has a favourite song featuring 'that famous sax solo'…

If you want to find out more about the saxophone then this site should give you a good background. If you've been thinking about starting to learn the sax or learn the piano and not quite got round to it yet then ask your self one question:

What's stopping you?


If you've been playing a while and not quite got round to delving into music theory yet, I've put a page together to help you understand the rudiments of keys and chords.

As a sax, piano and theory teacher and with nearly 400 gigs behind me, I understand the issues surrounding both learning, playing and performing, and try to do all I can to encourage people to take up music.

I've put this site together primarily to provide help and advice to anyone looking to start playing the saxophone. From different models and sizes of sax, the costs, maintenance, hints and tips. There's also a section listing all the scales you'll need to know plus some play-along tracks for you to download and practice with.

I hope you find it of interest...